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Common Questions


How is your Help Desk system different than others?


Our apps are integrated.  If you buy a Help Desk system from one vendor, and an Accounting app from another, they won’t look / feel the same and they won’t share data.  With Officetree, your staff have virtually no learning curve using a second or third Officetree application, and your data is shared seamlessly between them.


What exactly is a Help Desk application?


We offer cloud-based software that helps you provide customer support.  Customers can search a self-service Knowledge Base or post questions for personalized help.  Our simple interface guides one-person or multi-person teams to respond to those questions, and then summarizes the data with beautiful graphs.


Do you require a credit card?


Not for the free plan.  Remember, free means free.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the button on this page.

This Widget Will Improve Your Website In Seconds!

  • Add a snip of code to your website.  Our FREE widget opens up a form on your website for customers to enter their post-sales questions.  Customers may also ask questions by email, or on a customer portal page we provide.  All questions are routed as new tickets in our online case management system.

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