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Common Questions

How is your Messenger application different than using Skype?

It is designed for business.  Skype is a nice personal tool, but in an office atmosphere, we find that users need to see an automatically-populated list of co-workers, and record their text conversations for business purposes.  Later, when someone in the organization needs the detail of a conversation from, say, a month prior, a user can search conversations by keyword and locate the text.  Furthermore, for compliance purposes, recordings can be forced to the “on” mode by an administrator if so desired.

How does your Messenger application work?

We provide a desktop application which installs on Windows-based PCs.  For non-Windows users, we offer a robust HTML5 browser-based chat solution.  In addition to having text-based conversations with the Windows or Web chat applications, users can also access our online application to view statistics and find previously-recorded conversations.  All portions of the Messenger application are designed to work from hotels, behind corporate firewalls, from home, via wireless internet connections, etc.  so that business users have regular access to chat with co-workers and business contacts.  Both the Windows and Web applications can be left open on a user’s machine in a small window mode so co-workers can reach each other regularly throughout a day, all using the same corporate messaging client.

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